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council to propose a change in the law. the council going to allow whether to allow wild pigs to be shot within city limits they're a problem at almaden country club. >> reporter: one of the city councilmen proposing this change in the law says he's heard from his constituents, some afraid to go out on halloween venl the pigs can get up to 200 and 300 expounds can carry diseases. if the law is changed shooting a pig will require a state permit allowing that when the animal is a threat to life or property. this video taken by san jose resident ted barikmo shows the feral pigs in his neighborhood. san jose city councilman johnny cammus says they can be a threat to people. he wants to have them trapped, shot and killed within city limits. but right now, san jose law prohibits discharge of a firearm within city limits except for police, or in self-defense, today and he a councilman asked for a ordinance changing that, allowing for the discharge by a licensed trapper only for the purpose of killing the feral pigs. >> the memo is allowing us to use the gun. in the city. in the city limits. >>
tell the american public i will go into exchanges like everyone else? >> sir, the way the law is written -- >> sir, the way the law is written? >> i don't want to give misinformation to the american public >> i want to you go home, research it. if you're wrong, will dwou go into exchanges? if you can, will you? that is a yes or no. >> i will take a look. i don't have any idea. >> that is not an answer, not a yes or no. >> you're the are detective of the program you and won't go into it with the rest of the public.. >> i did not say that. i think it's illegal. if it's not illegal. if it's legal, will you go in? >> come on in, the water is fine. >> very a consent request. i'd like to madam secretary? >> well, when asked who is responsible, she says she should be held accountable. >>> a bay area company offering to help sign up people for insurance while the federal government fixes health care.gov. e health.com has been a health insurance broker 15 years yesterday, the ceo tofrd take over the federal exchange web site and start getting people enrolled. >> we're just offering to
people laugh, who was interested in a career in law enforcement. behind me, this memorial, people arriving and keep adding to it. it keeps growing. what began as a vigil with candles now has enough to spell out the name andy. what began as a simple cross now has a permanent structure. jose installed think the morning and painted it. >> that represents the angel in andy. >> reporter: today his older brother told us how they're faring up oochlt they're hanging in there. it's hard on everyone. the house isn't the same anymore. >> how so? >> just quiet. just feels like there is a void in the house. >> reporter: a void since a week ago. a sheriff deputy, eric gelhaus mistook a pellet gun for the real thing and fired seven shots into andy. the family filed a claim. the deputy has communicated only through his attorney. >> this is a terrible situation. it's tragic. we all personally feel for the family and community. but that doesn't lessen the threat that was posed in this situation. >> reporter: one that unified community and caused a division in terms of trusted law enforcement. te
. >> singer chris brown in trouble with the law again. what he is accused of doing and saying before he was arrested. >>> and how is your trick-or-treating forecast shaping up? leigh glaser has that after the break. now a look at what is ahead on abc's world news at 5: >> coming up, in miami tonight, the giant storm, the winter storm warnings in the west, as you know, that system marching across the country. we remember an american legend and his music, and red sox nation, did you see the call? what we learned about you gotta reel it up now,buddy. it.creel it up.t up, [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in. is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon,eru where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself?oy] y! [boy] yeah! [father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4